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15th-Mar-2007 03:39 am - No offence:

Hi there. I really love DNM so far and I just joined the LJ. I stalk... er, watch Croaky and Foxfur on dA and I love the stories I've come across in their art alone. I would love to "join-join" DNM if at all possible but I feel as though I am too late. The last entry was made in 2006 and so I wonder, is DNM still open for business? I hope so! I would tea-totally love to join, so if this SL/RPG is still up and running please consider me. I'll send an application once I know the status of the beloved DNM and those whom operate it. Ja ne. *scuttles off*

10th-May-2006 01:38 am - OC ideas
I'm experienced with roleplaying on Mud's, just not on Mux's, but I was advised to come here anyhow and at least try. :)

I was hoping to make an OC Chuunin from Sand, unless someone has a better suggestion or idea in mind. Or, if anyone wants to offer a hand with getting a foot in, and keeping it...

Thanks for any help!
31st-Mar-2006 08:22 pm - Idle Reap: THREE DAYS
OK, this is your friendly neighborhood TANTO here to clean up our characters a bit, if you are on here and you want to keep your character please either email me at meg@onlyslightlyevil.net or post here. THANKS!

|Ino *
|Neji *
|Sasuke *

NOTICE: This is a THREE DAY IDLE REAP. Please contact us before the three days are up. Some of you are repeat offenders and we have noticed that you'll log on only often enough to appease our 2 week rule. If this is the case then please reconsider keeping the character.

*** those with stars by your name please contact Tanto or Zanbato DIRECTLY if you are interested in keeping your character.
11th-Mar-2006 05:20 pm - Bad computer, bad!
buttrape :o
I've done everything I can, checked for ads/spyware a million times, re-installed SimpleMU, tried other MU* clients, telnet, you name it, and I'm STILL unable to connect to any MU*s.

This is hell. I miss you guys. (T_T)

I know, I know, I should've reported in much earlier..
11th-Mar-2006 02:48 am - OC Character Ideas

I've been wanting to make a Genin or Chuunin on here... So, I was wondering if anyone needed relatives/students/rivals/second cousins twice removed/whatever. As, perhaps we could discuss me taking on such a role.

...That probably sounded really disjointed, but it's getting pretty late here, so!
2nd-Mar-2006 04:14 pm - Ino vs. Jiroubou.
Roland - Indra! Indra! Indra!
Partial log for the Ino vs Jiroubou fight. Putting it up here just 'cause.

Who: Ino and Jiroubou

Notes: Unfinished. Will edit when finished.

...Collapse )
Hello everyone!

This is just an update on our website situation. We have a temporary site available here:


It even has How Tos for many aspects of MU*ing so PLEASE take this opportunity to invite your friends who don't MU to come play with us.


Also staff has decided to start being more strict with OC Jounins. All new players who want an OC are asked to create genin or chuunin for the time being. :) We really HAVE been overloaded with Jounin lately! After you've been with us and ACTIVELY playing for three months you can put in a request for a jounin.

This does not include characters that have ALREADY been pcreated or for players who have been with is for a while now.
tease, me, dansen, silly
Who: Kumiko (Kazuma), Kiba and Akamaru (later Shikamaru)
Where: Somewhere within Sound
When: The rescue squad has been on foot at least a day or two.

Notes: This isn't editted for spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors. Some OOCs are still intact for flavor. This takes place after Ino's fight with Jiroubu. Several rounds.
In the Jungle, the mighty jungle~Collapse )
19th-Feb-2006 03:49 pm - DNM Channels
Channels are how we talk on DNM, I am sure most of you know this already but we have some new players and I want to make sure everyone knows how to add more channels!

Public - our main chat channel
Adult - we try to keep our dirty words and thoughts HERE
Guests - our channel for helping guests, feel free to add it and chat with prospective players
RP - Searching for RP? Don't forget to turn this on! Try asking on the pup chan too!
Naruto - Talk about the manga here, stay off if you don't want spoilers!

The following are chans for specific villages:


You can add a channel by using the following code:

addcom nick for channel=name of channel

So to join the Adult chan you will type:
addcom ad=Adult

Or, to join the leaf nin chan you will type:
addcom leaf=Leaf-Nin

Thats all for today, more fun things coming soon! :)
16th-Feb-2006 06:46 pm - A poll!
Hey guys, would you please take a few moments to answer this poll? Suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks! -Tanto

Poll #674565 DNM new wave

Concerning canon: Would you be open to new storylines that would be keeping with the flavor of Kishimoto’s work but not be official storylines?


Would you be interested in storylines that would bring the focus to villages other than Konoha. (like Rain, Mist and Stone)?


Would you be interested in altering the time of the entire game forward a few years, a few decades or a hundred years. (please indicate your preference in the comments)


Would you be interested in altering the time of the entire game backwards a few years, a few decades or a hundred years. (please indicate your preference in the comments)


What would make you feel encouraged to be active on the game?

13th-Feb-2006 03:56 pm - February festival: Valentine's TP
Toph - Taunt
During the cold seasons it might be good to get some warmth into Konoha.

A group of people have arrived, led by a man called Sato Kazuno. All in order to host a festival that will hopefully encourage people to have fun, spend time with their loved ones and their friends. Mostly the former. There will be lots of various activities for people to participate in, entertainment to be amused by, food to eat and things to buy at the market with new merchants coming to the village.

You don't have anybody to go with to the festival? No date? Then let the people responsible for the festival help you! Those who want to get hooked up with somebody can just deliver a note to them and they will hook people up. So don't hesitate! Dress up nicely, buy sweets and flowers for your loved one at this festival, start spring early this year!

OOC: This year's Valentine's TP is a festival as you've might have understood. Have your alts attend the festival on their own, with their friends, or ask somebody out. If not, I can hook people up if you @mail me and let me know that you want a date.

Some of the activities include:
Maze of love: pairs are tied together and have to find their way out of a labyrint
Cookie eating contest
Go tournament
Taiko drum concert
Dance show
Capture the heart - teamed competition(big group activity, @mail me if you want to participate and let me know what date works best for you)

Questions? @mail me.

- Wakizashi
9th-Feb-2006 11:54 am - Turning Leaf: A proposal
tease, me, dansen, silly
I have an odd idea. It's sort of radical and it would take alot of work to actually incorporate it, but I wanted to throw it out there all the same.

As many of you realize, the MUX has been sort of slogging for a while now and it's not plausible for us to be able to keep pace with canon. That was never truly our intent in the onset of the MUX anyway.

But here's my idea: If, at some time, we want to overhaul the MUX, what if we re-made it with a focus on a different village. With the history put into it and the character structure, Rain would be in a great position for this. There are other countries like Stone that would be interesting world-powers. With an AU set-up this way, there'd be far more freedom to explore characters and interact on an international-scale. While there could still be characters from Leaf (perhaps it's set many years down the line), the major driving force would be whatever Country is in power. OCs, then, would have greater purpose, and characters other than ninja may have a place by way of trading between countries or otherwise playing the informant or even bodyguards (samurai).

While all this is welcome right now-- with the game as it is, this way we're not so closely held to canon. There's no reason to think this concept wouldn't stagnate either, but it could be something worth entertaining for a year or two.

This is just an idea to take or leave. I'm not promoting one country over another or insisting we tear down the MUX, but it seems like an interesting thought to persue. So, thanks for your time!
6th-Feb-2006 11:25 am - For our BMU test players:
Shunsui - 8
The new game is up and running. The IC map has been laid down for informal use and several of the globals put in place, so I'd like to begin transferring those who need to make the move off of DNM and over to BMU. Although I'll be emailing our idle test players to notify them of this change and give them time to save anything they'd like to save, please @mail me in-game (Nodachi) or mail BleachMU@gmail.com if you'd like your new log in, password, and the IP:port immediately. Remember that taking a character on BMU is a strict commitment to activity.

--> This exodus will be a last chance to take a character without an app, and those who do not vouch for their characters in the next two weeks will have to apply for them later.

Also, as the last announcement on this DNM community, all BMU-related announcements will be going to this community: bleach_mu going forward. I'll be posting a request for a few members of staff there in the next couple of days. Final notice about deleting test alts on DNM will be posted on bleach_mu as well, not here.

No (Surly & Uncaring)
1st-Feb-2006 09:44 pm - Interlude
Fusa says: durp durp durp

"I want chicken I want liver Meow Mix Meow Mix please deliver"
tease, me, dansen, silly
Characters: Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino
Please read preceeding logs first.

it was a dark, and moonlight night...Collapse )
special feature: the raceCollapse )
1st-Feb-2006 07:01 pm - Idlenuke Warnings
The following characters have fallen idle:


Please contact Shuriken within a week through @mail if you're still interested in keeping these FCs. Thanks!

hhhh responsible fawn
Like it or not, things don’t always go well. On DNM you may find you don’t agree with a person’s characterization of your favourite character. This is likely to happen, as every person interprets a character differently. There will never be two people who play the same character exactly alike.

Keeping this in mind, we ask that you be fair when judging what is out-of-character and what is in-character. In order to create a good roleplay environment, people can’t adhere 100% to canon all the time. If they did, no-one would be able to start a scene with Shikamaru, let alone finish it.

That said: If you believe your opinion on a character’s out-of-character behaviour is correct and are concerned that the offending character is causing problems, please post here – anonymously or otherwise. Whichever you feel comfortable with. The comments are screened.

If possible, please copy and paste the code below into the comment box below and fill it out.
<b>Offending Character:</b>
<b>What is your problem with this character?</b>
<b>How long has this been going on?</b>
<b>Evidence supporting your complaint:</b>
<b>Additional Notes:</b>
Add extra questions/information/whatever if you feel mine don't cover it.

Please remember all of this information will be kept between staff. We will make no effort to try and figure out who you are based on your comments.
22nd-Jan-2006 02:48 pm - New Stats Adjustments
Along with the current policies we have just passed, Damn Ninja MUX is making a small adjustment on Ninja stats. We have discussed it and realized some ninja have abilities that go above and beyond the normal perception. Some ninja's strength exceed the 10 boundary, for example; or their Genjutsu might be exceedingly powerful. Whatever the case may be, current stat limits can't properly express this. So, we have raised the total alotment of points per ability to 15. Keep in mind, though, this only applies to Toukubetsu Jounin, Sannin, Akatsuki and Kage. There are some special FC exceptions -- Shikamaru's intelligence, for example, will be beyond a 10. And Gaara and Naruto's Stamina, when accessing their Bijuu, will be beyond 10s as well. If you want to have a stat beyond the 10s, and you are a Chuunin or below, you must first @mail staff giving proper justification, and we will approve or deny your request from there.

If you have a Sannin, Toukubetsu Jounin, Akatsuki or Kage that have already been approved, and you would like to make changes on their stats, just @mail staff. We'll unapprove you and let you fiddle with your stats until you're satisfied and we find it to be acceptable. Also, for stat totals, the new limit for Sannin/Akatsuki/Kages have been raised to 80. If you desire to go beyond that, it must be staff-approved first.
22nd-Jan-2006 03:25 pm - Sound attack.
Toph - Taunt
During the wedding reception at the Hyuuga estate, distaster struck in the form of Sound nin.

According to people a sleep genjutsu was cast before Sound nin made their way into the reception hall, attacking the guests who were still awake. Several guests were wounded during the fight, a large part of the Hyuuga estate was damaged both from the attack and the fire that started when the Sound nin left. Along with Uchiha Sasuke.
Character canon is a big issue here on Damn Ninja MUX, and on any other game. But until now we have not had any official policy on it. However, due to it's importance to the MU* and players as a whole, the OOC-FCs policy has been put into place. When you take a Feature Character, you have a responsibility to be IC with that character - meaning, we hold you responsible to RP that character's personality as it is portrayed in the series. Rampant deviations from how a character acts can cause problems between players, and is not good for DNM as a whole. However, given the sensitive and complex nature of this problem, we have developed a somewhat unique process in reporting OOC-FC problems and dealing with them.

If you suspect or /know/ someone is being out of character with their FC, we will be making an Anonymous Complaints box for you to send your worries to. However, any complaints you have must be supported by evidence; any complaints made about non-canon FCs without a log or some other evidence to prove it other than your word will be dismissed. This may seem to be too much for some, but it is necessary. From there, we'll review your complaint, and come to a decision based on what you've given us.

Should we find the person in question /isn't/ acting IC with their particular character, they will be given a verbal warning in order to let them know of players' concerns with them and what exactly they can do to improve. It isn't fair to simply boot someone without warning, and thus we will be following the same policy we've enacted with White-Hatting. First, you get a warning. From that point on, you will be observed for a while to ensure that you are improving your ability with the FC. If you aren't, or if we receive complaints again with evidence, you will be given a Strike. After that, if you are still being uncanon with your character, you will be given a second strike and be forced to relinquish the character with no chance of re-apping them. To some this may seem like too much leniance, to some not enough. However, this is the best option that we as staff have come up with. Please understand that this is a very sensative issue, and there is no truly 'good' way to go about dealing with it.

Also keep in mind it's your duty as players to report whenever you think someone is not acting IC with their characters to the point that it is turning you off from RP. Staff will observe people to the best of our abilities, and to the point where it does not involve invading someone's privacy, but as player's, if you have problems, you /need/ to tell us. We can't fix things without your input.
21st-Jan-2006 02:34 pm - Character Squatting Reminder
Character Squatting

One of the more annoying things to be seen on any game is a vital Feature Character who logs in just often enough to avoid being reaped, yet never actively does anything on the game nor gets involved in roleplay or tinyplots. This is called Character Squatting and it's not allowed on Damn Ninja MUX. If staff notices this, or is made aware of the problem, the squatted character will be revoked from its player and put back up for another player to claim and play.

If you find that you're going to be gone for awhile, please post to the Vacation board so Staff is aware of your absence. But if you plan to be gone for more than a month's time, we ask that you relinquish your character so another player may take it up.


We have had this policy for some time now, but it seems that people by and large are ignoring it. It's our fault as staff that we have not been enforcing this policy, but this changes come today. From this point on, staff as a whole is going to be more strict in enforcing this rule. This extends not only to those who simply log on long enough to avoid being reaped, but also those that do not roleplay their important FCs. This rule extends to all FCs, but is more strict towards essential FCs -- all the Genin Teams and their Senseis, and FC Kages and Sannin.

What does this mean? Starting today we're going to be looking through the list of FCs to see who has been logging on frequently and who has not. As well, we will be trying to gather information on who has been actively IC and who has not. If you find yourself not in either one of these categories, you should probably change that, and soon. Starting this week, staff will begin reaping any and all characters from players who have been squatting. So please -- start logging on more, and start being active!

tease, me, dansen, silly
Open to new or old players, I'm looking for someone to play Godaime's secretary Miyori. Read more...Collapse )
Lastly, here is a concept picture to perhaps help you out:

Please contact staff if you'd like this character. Contact me any time if you want to brainstorm about her. If I'm not on, @mail is acceptable. THANKS!
16th-Jan-2006 08:03 pm(no subject)
Hey everyone!

Quick favor....if you can, would you please share with is here 1-4 poses I can use in a basic RP tutorial for DNM. I know there are a lot of different RP styles out there but I want to give an example of how we do it here. :)

In the subject of the reply just include the names of the characters RPing...I may only use one or two but it would be great to have a variety to choose from.

16th-Jan-2006 04:46 pm - Informative update
tease, me, dansen, silly
Ballsan is a great mystery, even to Google! But I've managed to glean this information so that you are all made aware:

  • ballsan is on a distinguished road.
  • ballsan is offline
  • ballsan is an unknown quantity at
    this point.

Or, if you will:

  • BALL-SAN is a racetrack winner in Australia and Hong Kong.
  • ball san is not a right but a privilege.

And now you know.
And knowing is half the battle.
16th-Jan-2006 10:43 pm - Now with a date!
Toph - Taunt
After talking with certain players it has been decided.

The wedding between Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Hinata will be held at the Hyuuga estate this Saturday, January 21th, in the afternoon US-time! No specific time has been set, so log in as soon as you have the time. There's always the possibility to mingle and have fun at the Hyuuga estate while Hiashi allows his house to be filled with crazy people.
15th-Jan-2006 07:38 pm - Drama, lawl
Well I think we all know shit has been going down and those who haven't noticed it really are damn good at being airheaded or just don't care which is fine. I tried not to care and I was going to just sit out and let this shit boil over, but after hearing stuff from many sides as a player I would really like to say something.

If you are a member of staff and have been among this silly little infighting you need to take a moment to sit back and reflect on something. Mostly that you are adults and you are in a position that is supposed to show maturity. I know this might sound like a foreign concept to some, but there has just been so much silly and useless whining and complaining that it needs to stop.

If you are a staffer that is retired do another favor. Stay retired. Do not log in as your staff alt, do not try to act like you are still a staffer and do stuff. Retired means you are at the point you aren't wanting to do a damn thing. If that is the case just move on and don't create more problems.

If you are a current staffer and you are letting emotions get in your way remember something. It's the goddamn internet and stop being such a baby about it. Venting is fine and having problems is fine. Being stupid about it and being detrimental to the game is not fine. If you cannot handle your position please step down without a fuss and try to enjoy yourself. I cannot speak for other players, but I for one think that this is going a bit too far.

Of course I am sure a few of you staffers might think. "What does he know? He isn't staff!" or "I bet he is siding with certain people, that cockmonger" and even a few might ignore what is said. That is fine by me. I haven't pointed any fingers and I think we are at the juncture I don't need to. Everyone knows what they have done and only they can deal with their own problems, but I would like to see it solved soon because though I might not be a staffer, I am a strong supporter for this MU and I can't even invite people to this place right now under the current cirucumstances.

So basically if you don't feel like reading this long winded post just read the basic gist of what I have to say. This can go for staffers and players alike. Everyone gets annoyed, but instead of letting it brew over into something stupid, talk, evolve, and learn to get over the hump and if not please think of the broader spectrum of things and do what is good for the MU as a whole instead of what is good for you.

Thank you.
13th-Jan-2006 11:34 pm - IC Journal List
HI GUYS. I have a favour to ask all of you: If you want your character journal to be listed here, have created an IC LJ within the past six months (I likely haven't seen it if it's been in that timeframe), or don't see your name on this list, comment here and let me know. I'll add it.

Edit: Alternatively, if you want your journal to be removed from this list, comment and I'll remove you.

Most recent list of character journals.Collapse )

Thank you.
12th-Jan-2006 03:51 pm - Wedding bells!
Toph - Taunt
The Hyuuga estate has announced that the wedding of Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Hinata will be held at the Hyuuga estate next week. The ceremony will be only be with the bride and the groom, plus their closest family. (Which basically means the Hyuuga head family... *ahem*)
Many people are invited to the wedding reception on the other hand. The main hall in the estate has been decorated nearly beyond recognition, foods have been prepared, and formal wear has been heavily encouraged. The guest list is long, and if you're a friend of the bride, the groom or the Hyuuga clan, most likely you're invited.

OOC: Yes, it's finally time for the wedding! Though we will need to decide on the exact date as soon as possible, all depending on what time works best for the main characters in this event. Additional information has been given out to these people, you know who you are.
Everybody in Konoha is welcome to drop by and join the fun, other nin are welcome to watch OOCly if they want to. Come have a slice of wedding cake!

Any questions? @mail me or page me! (Or leave a comment here...)
11th-Jan-2006 04:30 pm - Jaws
nidaime - still
Kisame is now open for app or invite.

Edit: Also Jiroubou.
10th-Jan-2006 10:22 pm - one more idlenuke warning....

|Michiyo |
|Sukai |
|Yuugao |


|Neji |

Thank you!

9th-Jan-2006 03:31 pm - Spreading the love
nidaime - still
As you guys have noticed, we've been stirring up our cast, cleaning out idles, and opening up FCs where appropriate.

We're also about to see a small influx of new players, some or many of whom have never played on a MU*-type game before. As always, please be your awesome selves and help our new players out with commands, be understanding, and lend them as much advice and assistance as you're able. DNM has been a 'first MU*' for a lot of people, and we're proud of that. (After all, what you're actually doing is training your new playmates, so train 'em up right!)

Thank you, as always, for living up to our great reputation for helping out and teaching new players.
Hey everyone! Just wanted to post a reminder about what character squatting is. This has been cut and pasted directly from the DNM help file on game.

"One of the more annoying things to be seen on any game is a vital Feature Character who logs in just often enough to avoid being reaped, yet never actively does anything on the game nor gets involved in roleplay or tinyplots. This is called Character Squatting and it's not allowed on Damn Ninja MUX. If staff notices this, or is made aware of the problem, the squatted character will be revoked from its player and put back up for another player to claim and play."

"If you find that you're going to be gone for awhile, please post to the Vacation board so Staff is aware of your absence. But if you plan to be gone for more than a month's time, we ask that you relinquish your character so another player may take it up."

We haven't really been enforcing this but I want you all to really consider this if you play an FC. If you have been only logging on to keep the character and not roleplaying....or hardly roleplaying, please consider dropping the character or committing to playing more often.

I know we all get really attached to specific characters sometimes but it honestly sucks when other FCs want to play with you or heck, RELY on your character to make a part of theirs function. It's just not fair.

Please consider this seriously, okay?

Here are more FCs that are currently idle, players please contact me to discuss this asap. :) Thanks!


Thanks everyone!
8th-Jan-2006 07:45 pm(no subject)
Sorry guys I know this will eat up space on your friends lists but I really want to get your attention here. Please take a quick look through this list and make sure none of your characters are on here.

If the ARE then please let us know if you still want to keep them. Starting the 15th we will be deleting and making taken FCs now open. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KEEP THEM --> please tell us ok? No hard feelings if you don't it just makes it easier on us if we know. :)


|Atsutane |
|Hideki |
|Ima |
|Jinta |
|Kenji |
|Kiran |
|Michiyo |
|Mizuiro |
|Murasaki |
|Sajin |
|Shimaro |
|Sonhae |
|Sukai |
|Tousen |
|Tsukko |
|Yamii |
|Yukino |
|Yuugao |
|Yuzu |


|Neji |

Thank you!

28th-Dec-2005 01:03 pm(no subject)
neji - subtle
+bbread 1/1

============================= MUX Announcements ==============================
Message: 1/1 Posted Author
Vital Char Setup Issue Wed Dec 28 Nodachi

Hey guys, I know most of you know this, but I've just noticed something really alarming so I need to reiterate it: ALWAYS @LOCK YOUR CHARACTER. I had to make that awesome and red so that there was no way you could miss how important it is. This goes quadruple for staff, and I can't even properly emphasize how important it is for WIZARDS.

Always, always, ALWAYS @lock your character. If you don't, you can be forced by any other character in the game to do anything your log-in is capable of. If you are a wizard or member of staff, you are naturally capable of a lot more. As a wizard, capable of crippling the entire game. Failing to @lock yourself is wildly irresponsible. DON'T DO IT.

19th-Dec-2005 06:16 pm - :|
[Public] Squeakatou Shikatou says, "e_é OUT OF THAT MAN RIGHT NOW YOUNG MAN."

Yeah....just think about that.
15th-Dec-2005 11:38 am - keep it on the dl
tease, me, dansen, silly
Kakashi tugs on a Tsunade sleeve. "Hokage-sama, will I ever be a Jounin? I promise I won't put my teammates before my mission like daddy :("
Tsunade says, "Eventually, we promote anyone who lives long enough."
Tsunade says, "Don't tell Iruka."
Shikatou says, "flkjg"
Tsunade says, "It's the big, village joke."
Inoshi says, "HAHA."
Inoshi says, "Thtop it, I'm working."
Kakashi says, "Hooray!"
Shikamaru laughs. "That's horrible."
Shikamaru shouldn't find it funny, but emodad has made him a MEAN fawn.
14th-Dec-2005 12:25 pm(no subject)
oh Fusa-san;;;;;

Fusa don't give up!Collapse )
10th-Dec-2005 08:01 am - Three Genin and a Chibi
tease, me, dansen, silly
Due to the tp, I had some great rp last night. It feels good to be active again and have a regional plot in which to participate.

Thank you, staff and players who are running/participating in this arc.

I can't wait to see what else unfolds!
8th-Dec-2005 05:06 pm - Message: 6/2
nidaime - still
================================= Tinyplots ==================================
Message: 6/2 Posted Author
Holiday TP 1.2 Thu Dec 08 Nodachi

The Spirit of Christmas Past
The Jolly Man In Red

No, just kidding; Suezo's not that jolly.
In the spirit of giving, Suezo, Jack of all Summons and Master of Some, has summoned a cloud of wild pixies out of the holy forest on Mt. Haguro. These pixies, or tiny sub-human spirits are easily bottled once summoned. They are parasitic, and feed off the chakra of humans once they find a host. To make the feeding easier, they wrap their host in an almost-harmless illusion or curse, slowly, gently draining them of chakra until months, or even sometimes years later, the depleted host must die.

Having tied a pretty bow on the neck of each corked bottle, these gifts will be sent out to strategic jounin over the course of a week--from the time this mail is sent until seven days later, when they should all have been recieved. Once opened, the tiny spirit will wriggle free and alight on their host's mouth, give a kiss, and then begins the illusion.

And the illusion will be this: Once you've recieved a kiss from a pixie, your character will become young again. The age range will be from nine years to twelve years of age, the change physical and possibly mental. You may choose whether or not your character retains memories of being an adult, or whether the memories come and go. They will still be subject to the whims and moods of their young and undiciplined body, of course. But whatever you choose, choose it at the beginning and remain consistant.

This change will be slowly draining the chakra of your character, which is why the bottles will only be sent to jounin-level shinobi or higher. After the curse has been broken, your character will be weakened, as if having just defeated a strong flu. The pixie spirit, which will have taken on the visible form of a bracelet, necklace, hair clip, barette, or some similar trinket, will be broken and crumble into coloured sand.

About the colour of your pixie: You must also choose the colour of your pixie when your curse begins. The available colours are those colour combinations in help ansi. @mail me with your chosen colour. Ex: ch/cw for bright white, or cc for cyan. (Note: the 'h' or highlight modifier is the only one I will accept. Flashing neon cyan is not an option.) It would behoove your character to keep track of the coloured sand left by your crumbled pixie, possibly in the original gift bottle--this will be part of a later tiny plot.

For those who are not jounin, you yourselves will NOT be changing--you will be DEALING WITH THE CONSEQUENCES. This has affected a great deal of Rain already, long before anywhere else on the grid. They have had to cover for theirr Kage who is no longer able to defend them. This is a very big deal IC. You will have to double your shifts to cover for the gaurd work and missions your incapacitated and tiny jounin will no longer be able to do. And beware--if you're mean to these tiny jounin, they may remember how you treated them when they return to thier old selves again.

All curses must be broken by the end of December or New Years. I'll make sure to send out some hints on how to do this as Christmas draws near.

Ho ho ho! Enjoy your tiny plot and TAKE ADVANTAGE of this opportunity to play.


8th-Dec-2005 11:31 am - Message: 6/1
nidaime - still
================================= Tinyplots ==================================
Message: 6/1 Posted Author
Holiday TP 1.1 Thu Dec 08 Nodachi

Through this evening the following people will find a small glass bottle on their front step, windowsill, or with their mail. The bottle will appear half full of a bright, honey-coloured liquid--most likely a cologne or perfume. The cork has been sealed with wax. Its neck will be tied with festive ribbons in gold and red and will include a tag bearing the name of the person for whom the gift is intended.

Those recieving a bottle are Anko, Genma, Kaito, Kakashi, Shibi, Shikatou and Tayuya. In the case of those two with children, it's likely that Shino and Shikamaru will find the gifts first, because one of you is creepy and avoids sunlight like a cockroach and one of you is too lazy and drunk to get up off the floor.

If you intend to play out discovering/giving/speculating over the bottles, please do so; they should all have been opened by this Saturday, the 10th. A second post about the consequences of opening these bottles will follow.

5th-Dec-2005 04:36 pm - Dear Internet,
nidaime - still
I require the names of every jounin who would like to be active for a small Holiday plot. Please comment with the name of your jounin if you would like to give your character into my loving hands. Feel free to delete your comment after making it or @mail me in-game if you wish you retain your anonymity.

Naturally, Shikatou doesn't get a choice, because that's what Christmas is all about when you've been REALLY good.

Addendum: Rain nin also have no choice. HO HO HO!
4th-Dec-2005 08:33 pm - <3
Orochimaru-sama and Tayuya-sensei now has a new slave minion to bitch around, so hello!

I'm looking forward to kill you all get to know you guys better~

-With ♥, Shasti
15th-Nov-2005 10:40 am - Surprise! (+bb 4/1)
Coming from Amegakure is sudden, unexpected news not of (strangely) a menacing nature. Rumor has it that the Amekage, Nen, is to be married within the month an undisclosed bride. While he is the father of a veritable clan of young children, he has hereto far never made a commitment of this level. Details of where in Amegakure the wedding itself will be held have not gotten around yet, although there have been some guesses. Excited requests for the name of the bride to be have not been acknowledged by the Amekage thus far, and a lot of jealous would-be brides would love to get their hands on her name and registration number.

Points to keep in mind when making use of this ICly:

1. While citizens of Konoha may obtain permits to travel about in Ame, remember that permission to apply for such a permit needs to come from Tsunade-sama first. Also, jounin will have a harder time obtaining said permit.

2. Even though Nen is taken, HE HAS SONS. Seduce them while they are young, small, and easy to hold down.

This is a little unrelated, but I'd like it if our current Ame-players would contact me either or in-game (Suezo) about a set of NPCs we're making for Ame. These NPCs are available for manipulation ICly and can be picked up via invite or app by any interested players. Let me know what kind of characters you guys would like to interact with IC, what kind of holes or gaps you see in the player base (saying 'straight' or 'anything female' before anyone else) and any ideas you might have already. Let me knooow~
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