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Those Damn Ninja!!

Creating Deforestation Everywhere

Damn Ninja Mux
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This is an LJ community for Damn Ninja MUX, a mux based off the anime/manga Naruto, made to post files for the MUX, ideas, or general announcements.

Damn Ninja Mux is a semi-private Mux based in the Naruto world. We welcome both FCs (Feature Characters) and OCs (Original Characters) and heartily encourage fresh and exciting rolepaly based on the Naruto World. We have all villages open to new characters so don't restrict yourself to just Konoha.

Those of you who have an invitation can have your character immediately created by staff, and those who don't can still write out an application and send it to dnm.apps@gmail.com.

To access DNM all you have to do is download MU* client (try MUSH Client)and log in by using address usada.usagimimi.com and the port number 7120.
Check it out, remember to read the news files, ask questions of the staff, and most of all, have fun!

ALSO please use our website as a resource for learning about MU*s! It's perfect for beginner MU*ers.

Artwork by croaky, please visit the full image here.

Shuriken, Zanbato, Nodachi (builder), Tanto (new player assistant), Tonfa (new player assistant), Yari, Scimitar, Wakizashi


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Other Journals for DNM:
amegakure- For Rain Nin
mist_nin- For Mist Nin
ooc- OOC Silliness for both Bleach MU AND DNM
dnm_logs- Share your logs here!

List of FCs Open: LINK
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